May 22-23, 2024
San Francisco, CA


May 22-23, 2024
San Francisco, CA

About V5 Summit


In the heart of innovation, the V5 Summit stands as a beacon for VCs seeking to revolutionize their funds and operations. For VCs eager to outpace the competition with AI-driven efficiency across their fund's lifecycle, this is the event to join the crème de la crème of San Francisco's VC scene.

From deal sourcing to exit strategies, you’ll get the AI toolkits & workflow demos that'll have you making smarter, faster investment decisions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decisions throughout your fund's lifecycle. Register Now for your chance to secure an exclusive invite and master AI tools that work harder so you don't have to.*

*Please note: Attendance is curated to ensure a high-impact experience for all participants, and not all registrations will be accepted.


Dive deep into the world of AI with workshops tailored specifically for VCs. 

Day 1 is dedicated to hands-on learning and practical application, ensuring you leave with actionable insights and skills. 

From analyzing deals with AI to optimizing portfolio management, these sessions are designed to empower you with the tools to transform your investment strategy. Engage directly with AI experts and propel your fund operations into the future, today.

Full Agenda:

8:00 AM - Doors Open/Breakfast (60 min)

9:00 AM - Unlocking Value: Your Essential Guide to V5 Summit

9:10 AM - AI Unleashed: How 100 Venture Capital Firms are Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence -
Cliff Worley, Senior Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing, Kapor Capital
Join Cliff Worley, Senior Director of Portfolio Growth Marketing at Kapor Capital, as he unveils groundbreaking insights into how 100 venture capital firms are revolutionizing the industry with artificial intelligence. In this exclusive session, Cliff will reveal the innovative strategies these firms employ to craft custom AI tools that not only streamline operations but also give them a competitive edge.

10 AM - The AI Blueprint For Building The Ultimate Deal Sourcing Engine -
Austin Ritter, GM of AI for VC, Venture5 Media
Dive deep with Austin, a seasoned 3x founder, VC/Angel Investor and the GM of AI for VC at Venture5 Media, as he lays out the blueprint for building a deal sourcing engine using the latest AI and low code technologies. This session will explore innovative approaches to integrating alternative data sources and task-specific AI agents, including a quantitative framework for stack ranking of deal flow.

10:30 AM - Panel #1 - From Data to Deals: Lessons Learned from Scaling

This session offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals who have successfully scaled data-driven programs within major funds. Our panelists Moustafa ElBialy (Kleiner Perkins), Kate Lowry (Insight Partners), Francesco Correa (Greycroft), and Gopinath Sundaramurthy (Ensemble VC). Whether you're initiating your firm's data-driven transformation or looking to refine your existing processes, this panel will provide valuable insights into navigating those complexities from the pioneers who have done it.

11:00 AM - Networking Break (10 min)

11:30 AM - Artificial Intelligence in Private Market Investing, Max Ruderman, CEO, Harmonic
Step into the future of venture capital with Max Ruderman, CEO of Harmonic.AI, as he demonstrates the transformative power of Harmonic data in optimizing VC workflows. In this presentation, Max will showcase a variety of compelling use cases illustrating how strategic data utilization can dramatically enhance decision-making processes, streamline operations, and boost investment outcomes. Learn how to leverage cutting-edge data analytics to identify promising opportunities faster, assess risks with greater accuracy, and achieve a competitive advantage in the fast-paced world of venture capital. This session is a must-attend for any VC looking to elevate their approach through the innovative use of data.

12:00 PM - Lunch Break (60 min)

1:00 PM - Empowering Innovation: How VCs Use AI to Propel Portfolio Founders
Explore the cutting-edge intersection of venture capital and artificial intelligence in this dynamic panel discussion featuring Mariane Bekker (Founders Bay), and Sid Bharath (Forum Ventures). This session delves into the transformative role AI plays in supporting portfolio founders, from refining product development to accelerating market entry. Our panelists will share their firsthand experiences and strategies for integrating AI tools that enhance founder support systems and drive startup success, while at the same time fostering diversity and bridging the gender gap in technology.

2:00 PM - Networking Break (15 min)

2:30 PM - From Data to Decision: Leveraging AI for Smarter Investing, Walid Fayez Mustapha, CTO, Deckmatch
This session will dissect how AI transforms overwhelming data streams—from initial pitch decks to critical due diligence—into actionable insights. Uncover why traditional data wrappers often fall short and how AI-driven workflows unlock new levels of efficiency and accuracy. Learn about the application of large context windows and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) in due diligence processes. Join us to discover how you can refine your investment strategies and decision-making processes by fully leveraging the power of AI to sift through data and pinpoint the most promising opportunities with precision.

3:00 PM - Future-Proofing VC: Driving VC Innovation with Enhanced Legal, Compliance, & Data Protections
Dive into how venture capital is being transformed by not only advancements in transaction security but also through sophisticated operationalization of machine learning. This panel will feature Rodney Reisdorf from Verivend, discussing how his platform is modernizing financial transactions to make them more secure and efficient. Alongside him, Nina Zumel from Wallaroo.ai will showcase how their platform facilitates the deployment, management, and optimization of ML models across various applications, enhancing the analytical capabilities of VC firms. Legal experts Kristina Subbotina and Adam Shevell will complement these technological insights by addressing the evolving AI legal landscape, focusing on how legal frameworks can support and sometimes challenge these innovative technologies. Together, the panel will explore how integrating advanced technologies with strong legal strategies can bolster compliance, operational efficiency, and give a competitive edge in the venture capital market.

4:00 PM - Break (10 min)

4:30 PM - AI Technical Trends: Insights and Opportunities, Alex Jaimes, Chief AI Officer, Dataminr
The field of AI has exploded and innovation is happening faster than ever, making it difficult for anyone to keep up with the technical trends that really matter and how different strategies for leveraging AI technology might turn into actual value generation. In this session, join Alex Jaimes, Chief AI Officer at Dataminr, an innovator with over 20 years of experience, as he reveals the latest technical trends shaping the AI investment ecosystem. Discover how the LLM landscape is evolving, how the technology may be leveraged, the kinds of moats high-potential AI startups can tap into, and the challenges in successfully generating value with AI. You'll gain exclusive knowledge from Alex's extensive expertise in deploying AI applications at scale, particularly in building custom LLMs for real-time applications that combine Predictive and Generative AI..

5:00 PM - Day 1 Happy Hour (90 min)

7:00 PM - FIN


Focus on the horizon of AI investing with the latest trends and forecasts for 2024. 

Day 2 is designed to give you a strategic edge with expert analyses and panel discussions that explore the evolving landscape of AI technologies and their impact on venture capital. Uncover new investment opportunities, learn about emerging AI fields, and prepare your portfolio for the next sector-defining company. Connect with your peers and thought leaders to share visions for a profitable future in AI investing.

Full Agenda:

7:00 AM- Volunteers Arrive

8:00 AM- Doors Open/Breakfast (60 min)

9:00 AM - AI First: How AI Transforms the VC Strategy, Jeremiah Owyang, General Partner, Blitzscaling Ventures
Jeremiah Owyang, General Partner, and AI Event Organizer at Llama Lounge, will share firsthand insights on how VCs must adopt AI technologies for firm management, deal flow, limited partner management, marketing, and more. Jeremiah, an early adopter of new technologies, will break down real-world use cases, anchored by his famous AI tech stack framework.

10:00 AM - Playing Favorites: AI Tools that Top VCs Are Using and Why
Join us for an engaging panel discussion where leading venture capitalists, including Lisa Yu of 99VC, Zamir Shukho (Vibranium VC), Ed Parsons (Offline Ventures), and Anirudh Nair (Base 10 Partners), reveal their most valued AI use cases. This session will dive deep into the specific AI technologies and strategies these industry leaders have employed to drive success and innovation within their funds. Learn not just what tools they are using, but also gain insight into why these particular solutions stand out and how they can be implemented effectively in as part of your own firm's strategy.

11:00 AM - Inside the Minds of LPs: AI Innovations and Investment Strategies, John Gannon <> Aakar Vachhani, Managing Partner, Fairview
Join John Gannon, CEO of Venture5 Media and Co-Founder of V5 Summit, in an engaging fireside chat with Aakar Vachhani, Managing Director of Fairview Capital. In this insightful session, Aakar will share the latest trends and criteria that Limited Partners are looking for in today's funds. Delve into the AI innovations that are shaping the investment landscape and discover what it takes to attract and retain LP interest in the current market.

11:30 AM - Tales From the Front: VC Goes Hands-On with AI, Miko Matsumura, Managing Partner, gCC
Miko Matsumura, Managing Director of gUMI Cryptos Capital, offers a compelling talk tailored for technical beginners and non-technical intermediates in the venture capital space. Drawing from his hands-on experience, Miko will reveal how he has been utilizing AI to enhance operations within his venture capital firm. Attendees will gain practical insights into the specific AI applications Miko has developed, learn what tasks AI can effectively handle, and understand the current limitations of AI technology. This session promises to demystify AI for VCs, providing actionable guidance on integrating AI into your workflow and making informed decisions on AI investments.

12:00 PM - Lunch Break (60 min)

Afternoon Sessions

1:00 PM - Backward and Forward Pass: Current and Future Perspectives, Kelvin Mu, Investor, Translink Capital
Dive into the dynamic world of Generative AI with Kelvin Mu, Investor at Translink Capital, as he navigates both the current trends and future horizons of AI investment. This talk will provide attendees with a comprehensive look at the generative AI stack, exploring key industry shifts and the underlying technologies reshaping investment strategies. Kelvin will also delve into the nuances of fundraising dynamics in the AI sector and offer a forward-looking perspective on upcoming investment themes that are poised to influence the tech landscape. Whether you're seasoned in the field or new to AI investment, this session will equip you with valuable insights into navigating the evolving world of Generative AI.

1:30 PM - Too Much Tech? Debating AI's Role in VC Decision-Making
In an era where artificial intelligence reshapes the venture capital landscape, our distinguished panel explores a crucial question: Is there such a thing as too much AI in VC? Join
Casey Rovinelli (OMERS Ventures), Ann Badillo (Portfolia), and Suffiyan Malik (DraperU Ventures) as they debate the integration of AI while emphasizing the importance of the human element in investment decisions. This panel will address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, such as potential biases, decision-making processes, and the essential interpersonal aspects that technology cannot replicate. Attendees will gain insights into how leading professionals strike a balance between leveraging cutting-edge AI tools and maintaining the invaluable human intuition and empathy that drive successful venture capital outcomes. This session is ideal for those looking to understand how to harmonize technology with human insight in the evolving world of venture capital.

2:30 PM - Networking Break (15 min)

3:00 PM - Winning At Seed With AI,
Amy Lin, Chief Product Officer, NFX Ventures
Amy Lin, Chief Product Officer at NFX, shares the lessons from building and scaling NFX’s software/data/AI stack at one of the top seed firms. Having founded the NFX software team in 2017, she will delve into the strategy and tactics behind building a 15+ person in-house technical team and developing the NFX product suite, which powers everything from dealflow to supporting their founders.

3:30 PM - Future of Autonomous Agents, Yohei Nakajima, GP, Untapped Capital
Join Yohei Nakajima, General Partner at Untapped Capital, as he pulls back the curtain on the cutting-edge automation technologies transforming the venture capital landscape. Yohei will provide a detailed walkthrough of how Untapped Capital extracts valuable data from emails and seamlessly integrates it into their deal pipeline. He will also share insights on building a VC Copilot, an autonomous agent designed to enhance the efficiency of venture capital operations. Additionally, Yohei will explore the future of autonomous agents in the industry, showcasing how these innovations can save time, reduce errors, and revolutionize deal management. Walk away equipped with practical tools and visionary perspectives to keep your firm ahead of the competition.

4:30 PM - General Session closing - Go freshen up for the after party!

7:30 PM - V5 Summit After Party (150 min)


Go beyond your LinkedIn “connections” and network face-to-face with over 120 leading VCs and top AI thought leaders. Every aspect of the V5 Summit is designed to facilitate unparalleled, exclusive relationships**, offering you the unique opportunity to exchange insights with the pioneers shaping the future of venture capital and AI.


Cap off Day 1 with our on-site Happy Hour. Indulge in a 2-hour open bar, where conversations and ideas flow as freely as the drinks. A perfect setting to meet, mix and mingle.

On Day 2, join us for the ultimate after-party at an exclusive SF speakeasy. An attendees-only event featuring a 2-hour open bar, ensuring the final night seals in the memories of the week.


Indulge in a private VIP Brunch with an Honorary Guest Speaker. This won’t be just a meal; it’ll be a chance to engage intimately with industry luminaries and fellow VIPs in a setting that encourages deep discussion and connection.




The Venue


532 Market St, San Francisco, CA

Join us at the V5 Summit, hosted in the iconic SVB Experience Center, a venue that epitomizes the spirit of innovation and collaboration. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Silicon Valley, this state-of-the-art facility is more than just a location—it's a hub of inspiration, where the future of technology and finance converge.

The SVB Experience Center boasts an architecturally stunning space, designed to foster creativity, networking, and learning. With its modern design, cutting-edge technology, and flexible spaces, it provides the perfect backdrop for the V5 Summit's exploration of AI in venture capital.

Beyond the doors of the Experience Center, you'll find yourself in the world-renowned “Cerebral Valley”, the birthplace of breakthrough AI technologies and home to the world's leading tech companies and startups. This dynamic setting offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the ecosystem that has shaped the global technology landscape.

Standard Two-Day Pass

$ 1,500

Access to All Sessions:
Immerse yourself in two days of transformative discussions and workshops focused on AI in venture capital. Day 1 centers on practical AI workshops for VCs, while Day 2 explores the latest trends in AI investing.
Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Connect with over 120 leading venture capitalists and top AI thought leaders. Our curated networking moments are designed to foster meaningful connections.
Premier Networking Events:
Happy Hour Haven: Wind down after Day 1 with our on-site Happy Hour. Enjoy a 2-hour open bar in a relaxed setting perfect for making new connections.
Speakeasy Soirée: Experience the ultimate after-party at a chic speakeasy, complete with a 2-hour open bar. All attendees are welcome, providing a memorable end to your summit experience.

VIP 2-Day Pass

$ 2,500

All Standard 2-Day Pass Perks: Full access to both days of groundbreaking sessions, workshops, and networking events, including our Happy Hour Haven and Speakeasy Soirée.

VIP Private Brunch: Start your summit journey with an exclusive brunch featuring a keynote speaker. This intimate setting is perfect for deeper interaction with industry leaders and fellow VIPs.

Fast Track Registration: Bypass the lines with priority check-in, ensuring your summit experience begins smoothly and effortlessly.

Exclusive Gift Bag: Receive a curated selection of premium items and personalized gifts, thoughtfully assembled to complement your summit experience with a touch of luxury.

Priority Seating at Sessions: Secure the best seats in the house with reserved front-row access to all sessions, enhancing your learning and engagement.


Understanding the challenge of justifying conference attendance to your superiors, we've crafted a compelling toolkit to help you articulate the unmatched value of the V5 Summit.

Our "Convince Your Boss" package includes customizable email templates and a detailed proposal template, designed to highlight the tangible benefits of your participation.

Whether it's gaining cutting-edge insights in AI and venture capital, networking with industry leaders, or bringing back valuable strategies to your team, we've got you covered.


Volunteer Benefits:

  • Exclusive networking opportunities with speakers, attendees, and industry leaders.
  • Complimentary access to select summit sessions, subject to scheduling.

Who Should Apply:

  • Students, professionals, and anyone eager to learn more about the venture capital and AI landscape.
  • Individuals looking to expand their network and gain valuable event management experience.


At the heart of this year's V5 Summit is our esteemed title sponsor, Harmonic AI, a trailblazer in the artificial intelligence landscape. Harmonic AI is renowned for their cutting-edge solutions that transform data into actionable insights, driving innovation across industries. With a steadfast commitment to advancing AI technology, they empower venture capitalists to unlock new levels of efficiency and decision-making precision in their investment strategies.


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By automating the mundane, Deckmatch gives VC associates superpowers and the freedom to focus on tasks that move the needle.